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Happy Airbnb Guests Mean Even Happier Host

Airbnb guests are somewhat needy and demanding at times. They want the cleanest sheets, a well-stocked fridge, and fresh towels daily. But it’s not all bad —it can be a good thing! When your guests are happy with their stay and leave great feedback, they’re also making your experience as an Airbnb host that much better.

The more positive experiences your guests have at your place, the more likely they’ll want to return. When guests leave a five-star review, you get an automatic positive review. If your guests rate you four stars or lower, Airbnb will automatically alert you to the problem. It’s all about constantly improving their experience.

When guests feel welcome and appreciated, they’ll leave reviews that boost your profile, allowing you to improve your rental rates in no time significantly. Happy Airbnb guests mean happier hosts, so don’t hesitate to welcome them with open arms!


5 Ways to Make Your Guests Feel Welcome and Happy

  1. Personalised check-in

First impressions are always significant, so take the time and effort to welcome your guests in person. Give them a tour of your place, show them where to find everything they might need, and reassure them that you’re available if they have any questions. This will undoubtedly make for a better experience for everyone!


  1. Have a well-stocked home

Stocking the fridge, a gracious welcome note, some basic toiletries, and a few snacks are all the little touches that can make all the difference for an Airbnb guest.

Having some snacks stocked for your guests could go a long way. It helps to make them feel welcome and that you had them in mind to have done so. Beverages such as tea and coffee is essential and will be needed at times by most guest within the period of their stay in your place.


  1. Offer help and suggestions

Telling your guests what they should or shouldn’t do while in your apartment is probably the last thing you want them to feel. Tell them where to find everything, so they don’t have to dig around in cupboards or drawers looking for something in particular. Preparedness makes your guests feel welcome and shows that you care about their stay. They’ll appreciate it!


  1. Be friendly and communicative

If there are any problems during their stay, don’t hesitate to offer assistance. Let them know you’re available for anything they need and that you are always there for them! This way, you’ll be able to build even more trust than before. It’s all about building a relationship based on mutual understanding.


  1. Send a little ‘thank you’ note

Airbnb gives you access to your guests’ email addresses when they book with you, which allows you to stay in touch with them even after they leave. So please take advantage of this opportunity and write a short message thanking them for staying at your place! This will definitely have good results!

What guests enjoy most is the feeling that they are well cared for by their hosts. Make sure to offer your guests an unforgettable stay, and you’ll see how this will influence your business in many positive ways.



Now that you know how to make your guests feel welcome, it’s time to go and implement these tips! Your guests will thank you for it – and so will Airbnb.

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