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Invest Within the Pass The Property Group!

The average annual interest on £50,000 of your savings is £200 after tax! That’s a tiny 0.5% interest rate

We can offer UP TO 7% on your savings*

Minimum investment £20,000

Maximum investment £1m

With talks about negative interest rates around the corner, it could actually cost you to have savings in the bank!

**Each investment and offer is bespoke to the client and our requirement. Our interest rates could be from 2-7%, depending on amount invested and time required**

Portfolio Building

Portfolio Building

Want to own property but don’t know where to start? By working with the PTP Group we can help you grow a diverse property portfolio. Achieve your monthly cashflow targets by investing in profitable property’s and leveraging your savings. Using our extensive knowledge of the UK property market the PTP Group will find the right deals for you.

Fixed Return

Fixed Return

Do you want your savings to work harder for you? With interest rates as low as 0.1% there has been no better time to invest your money in property. These short term investments are usually between 6 – 12 months and up to 7% fixed interest rate. Thus providing you quick and sustainable returns on your hard earned savings.

Heard Enough? Get in touch TODAY & Start Maximising Your Earning Spree!

CASE STUDY A- Portfolio Building

A client was gifted £350,000 from her family. She had no experience in property but knew she wanted to invest the money and get involved with property. Her initial thought was to buy one HMO for £350,000 to make an approximate profit of £12,000 per year, this is 3.4% annual return.

She approached Pass The Property for advice and decided to invest £120,000 of her money into an ongoing project. This arrangement was that the client would fund the deposit on the property, and PTP would source, refurbish and furnish the property. We would then have a 50/50 profit/loss share split arrangement. The investor will now make a return of approximately £19,000 yearly which is a 15.8% annual return for 1/3 of the money.

CASE STUDY B- Fixed Return

A client wanted to invest a fixed sum of money on a project PTP had ongoing. The deal agreed was the investor would fund the project and receive a fixed return of approx 7% plus their original funds back within 12 months. This has been so well received and successful that the investor has chosen to invest their original funds plus interest into another project with PTP.

The second project is well underway on programme and budget providing more confidence to the investor. The investor has commented on how well managed both projects have been so much that the investor is now looking to invest in longer term projects within the PTP Group.

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