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How Quality Interior Design Can Improve Your Airbnb Rental Income

If renting out your spare room or serviced apartment on Airbnb, consider the impressive benefits of spending a few bucks to invest in quality interior design. From mood-boosting paint hues to an unbeatable bedspread, these steps can be worth their weight in gold! Interior design significantly impacts the renting experience, so it pays to get it right.

Imagine being able to rent out a fraction of your serviced apartment for more than you would have done just by having an improved interior design. Not only will the quality of your rental increase but the amount people are willing to spend on it.

  1. Increases the room’s appeal and lets guests instantly visualize themselves comfortably staying at your home.
  2. There’s more chance for guests to book multiple nights and stay long-term.
  3. Gives your guests a first-hand experience of luxury and comfort.
  4. Help generate conversation with the words and pictures that decorate a room.
  5. Create a flexible space that can be easily rearranged for different types of guests, whether for business travel, romantic or weekend getaways.


Interior Design Tips

For best results, use the following tips to invest in quality interior design:

  1. Use high-quality paint and tile.

When it comes to investing in quality interior design, the expense is no object! Rather than purchasing cheap paint that may be chipping or peeling within a month of being installed, consider investing in paint that will last for years.

It’s worth the investment to use over-painted walls for comfort and aesthetic appeal.


  1. Install high-grade carpeting.

Quality interior design doesn’t stop at the walls and furniture. For a space to feel luxurious, it’s important to invest in quality carpeting that feels soft underfoot and creates an inviting ambiance for your guests.

  1. Choose a quality headboard or bedspread that makes your room feel like an expensive suite. Guests will appreciate the small extra touches that make it feel like they’re on holiday without having to spend the time and money required to travel outside of their own homes!
  2. Limit clutter.

Ensure the essential parts of your home are clean and organized but keep the rest light and comfortable. While it may not be feasible to declutter your entire home, you can do your best to limit the amount of clutter, and your guests will appreciate it!

  1. Frame photos for authentic inspiration.

Rather than use generic pictures in a frame, consider framing actual travel pictures or pictures from family members who have travelled to the area you’ll be renting to give your space a more authentic feel! Not only will guests appreciate seeing your personal touches, but they’ll also have an easier time envisioning themselves in the place they’re staying.

  1. Create adequate lighting in your apartment

There can be a vast difference between a well-lit space and one where it’s too dark to get any work done. Invest in the best quality fluorescent bulbs for any lights you’ll be using, and don’t hesitate to replace bulbs that may be worn out.


Concluding Thoughts

Investing in quality interior design is the best way to stand out from the crowd and give your Airbnb rental a competitive edge. It’s well worth the investment for a more prosperous, better-quality rental space that communicates to guests what it means to be a host.

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