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Airbnb Management Harrogate

Professional Airbnb Management in Harrogate that maximizes each phase of the rental process.

Pass The Property offers a friendly, full-service Airbnb property management in Harrogate tailored for your needs. With our local Harrogate knowledge and expert team, we are strategically in place to manage, market and provide a full-service Airbnb management in Harrogate.

Airbnb Management Edinburgh

For more than 10 years with short-term industry expertise, we’ve been partnering with property owners and investors to provide superb experiences to guests during their visit to Harrogate. And so you can be sure of an expert Airbnb Management service delivered to your Harrogate property.

We help you list your home on short-letting sites like Airbnb, so you can have a hands-off, hassle-free leasing experience. We assure you of complete hands-off leasing experience with maximized occupancy and a guaranteed return on investment. Contact your #1 local serviced accommodation management Harrogate provider today on 0333-301-0787 or via email for total care of your property.


5-star service. Pass The Property certainly live up to their strap-line ‘let us do it for you.’ Nothing is made complicated, or too much trouble. Simple, honest, straightforward business.

You Are Just a Call Away From Maximising Your Rental Profits

Our Range Of Professional Airbnb Management Harrogate Services

In addition to strategically positioning your property for success on short-term rental platforms, including Airbnb,, and VRBO, we also optimize unique prices for each listing to ensure you earn premium returns.

We communicate with your guests – from when they enquire about your listing to their arrivals and even departures. We are extraordinary in our communication approaches; and leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the locals, we will ensure a quality interaction with your guests.

Our expert local guest management team aims to help guests in Harrogate, and its surrounding areas nonstop to ensure they have the best experience possible.

24/7 local guest support, timely guest communication, secure & easy key exchange, restaurant recommendations are vital for the modern tourist.

Together we can work out the perfect key management solution to suit your property, from an apartment block in the city centre to a cottage out in the countryside.

Thorough guest screening is one of our top priorities as it helps us ‘filter’ and gets the best kind of guest for your property. Requesting details such as financial history and criminal background of guests have always helped achieve this.

Empowered by our professional in-house laundry team, we offer a top-notch housekeeping and maintenance service since it is of great importance to a property up for short-term rental.

Reach out to us for a FREE quotation

We offer FULL-SERVICE Airbnb management options for property owners right across Harrogate and its neighboring areas; unlocking the possibilities of the short-term letting business.

Contact your #1 local serviced accommodation management Harrogate provider today on 0333-301-0787. Alternatively, send an email to for total care of your property.

Commonly asked Questions for Airbnb Management in Harrogate

Airbnb management in Harrogate involves hiring a professional property rental company to help you with the day-to-day operations of your investment. In addition to bringing over 15 years of experience, Pass The Property help you find guests to occupy your property, maintain your home, and provides concierge services to guests.

From listing and pricing optimisation to managing tenants, inventory check, and cleaning & laundry services, we do it all. Pass The Property is a full-service property management in Harrogate that caters to your specific requirements. Contact us to get started.

Ensuring maximum occupancy rates remains our top priority. While finding a qualified tenant can be difficult, we utilise thorough screening processes to ensure we rent out your property to only qualified guests.

To respect our tenants' privacy, we visit the property once every three months. Of cousre, this is with prior notice so as to check for damages and property updates. However, we always maintain phone communication with tenants to address concerns and questions promptly.

While our aim is to achieve the best rental income for your property, we also recognise the importance of setting a competitive market rent that will enable us to find tenants quickly.

Experience, industry knowledge, and effective communication are among the key qualities to seek in a property management company when choosing one for your property. Fortunately, that’s why we are here! Get in touch to get started today.

According to a survey by Airbits, Airbnb property owners in Harrogate earn an Average Daily Rates (ADR) of £263, depending on your property size. So, its definitely worth the investment.

Achieving Airbnb success is simple: exceed expectations, be responsive, and set a fair price. For the best results, consider hiring a professional property management company in Harrogate, offering the latest techniques for exceptional experiences.

How do you determine the rent for my property? What does Airbnb management include? What is included in your property management fees? Who cleans my property?

Mostly between 20-30% of rental profits.

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