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KeyNest – What is it?

KeyNest, a network of locations across London & the UK, was founded in January 31, 2015 by Marc Figueras and Florian Hoven. Its concept began when Marc dropped his Airbnb keys at a local café for a guest who’d check in later same day. It operates in many countries such as United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, France and Portugal.

Contrary to many opinions, KeyNest is not affiliated with Airbnb; instead, it’s a global HostAssist Partner of Airbnb. It’s designed such that Airbnb hosts can drop their keys at a local location in order to share access to their property with guests, cleaners, contractors, greeters, etc. Therefore, as an Airbnb Host, you can manage check-ins from anywhere.

KeyNest uses smart Radio-frequency Identification (RFID) fobs to manage keys for their clients across the UK, both at their own offices and through an extensive network of KeyNest Stores.

In November 2018, KeyNest emerged as winner at the British Small Business Grants competition – a monthly competition run by, with the winner receiving a price of €5000 for the development of its company. (

Additionally, it also won the Best Serviced Apartment Awards in 2019 and was nominated as the Best Service Provider in the UK in 2019.


How it works?


As an Airbnb host in London, using KeyNest for your listings isn’t complex in any form. Highlighted below are the simple steps involved:

Step 1: Deposit your keys using drop-off code

The first step to using KeyNest is really simple – create an account in less than 40 seconds and instantly receive a 6-digit drop-off code. Afterwards, a tracking fob will be attached to your keys at a local store and stored in a safe.

Step 2: Send your obtained collection code to your guest

The next thing to do is to send the local KeyNest location and the unique collection code to your guest. Upon collection, this code must be given to the shopkeeper or directly entered at one of the automated lockers for tracking record.

Step 3: Get notified each time your keys are collected or returned

KeyNest keeps you notified when your keys are collected or dropped off. 

Why Use KeyNest?

Have you been stuck waiting around for guests and cleaners just to share keys to your property? It is quite frustrating and a waste of time I’m sure. That’s why KeyNest was put in place as a key exchange ‘middleman’ to save your time.

The following are reasons we think using KeyNest as an Airbnb Host in London is a great choice:

  • KeyNest is a trusted and a global HostAssist partner of Airbnb.
  • It’s the easiest and safest key exchange network in the UK.
  • It saves time waiting around for guests and cleaners.
  • It provides prompt tracking updates of keys and a 24/7 support to Airbnb hosts.
  • KeyNest is supported by the leading property companies in the UK such as LiFE Residential and Galliard Homes group.

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