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Top Tips To Host on Airbnb

Airbnb can be very rewarding, to ensure you are making the maximum yield you need to ensure you have the time and commitment.

What you need to know before hosting:

Advertising: You need to ensure that you can market your property correctly from taking the pictures to ensuring you have a competitive price.
To be on standby for your guests: You need to ensure that you are free for when your guests need to check in and out. Handing the keys and showing them around your property.
Cleaning: After every set of guests check out, ensure that you change the bedding, towels and give the house a good clean before your next set arrived. Keep the property cosy and free of clutter.
Re-advertising for more guests: You need to ensure that you are constantly updating your description and images to give your advert fresh content and make it more appealing.
Communication: Ensure you effectively communicate with your guests, try sending them a personalised email with some information about their stay. Try include information about local restaurants, things to do and interesting landmarks.
Go the extra mile: The most memorable Airbnb’s I have visited is when the host always goes that extra mile, for example, bringing fresh fruit and local juices.
Use a safety key lock system if you are not there to greet them: Use a keypad that we set to a code that will be personal to the guest, which makes it easy for the guest to remember, and offers them the security knowing the guests before them do not have access.
Ensure your toiletries are replenished: Make sure that you have adequate toiletries in place for your guests, including body wash and toilet rolls. This makes you look more organised and makes your guests feel more at home.

Why do you need to do this?

Reviews left on Airbnb, the better your reviews the higher rank you become on Airbnb. By doing so you will attract more people to your properties and in turn, you can charge more.

You want to Airbnb but you don’t have the time?

I recommend using a Property Management company that specifies in Airbnb’s. They simply take a small % of your income whilst doing all the running about for you. It is simple as giving them your requirements and they do the rest, from cleaning of the property to general maintenance.

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