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Relax and Enjoy Our HASSLE-FREE Airbnb Management services in Sheffield, UK Management Sheffield
Property Management Sheffield

Our Serviced Accommodation Management Service ensures complete all-in-one solutions of your Airbnb listing, satisfying the needs of your guests and of course, your needs. Our goal is to help you maximize your returns on investment while ensuring that your property is in great care.

We are available 24/7 to respond to guests’ inquiries, take bookings 365 days a year, or deal with any maintenance issues – courtesy of our dedicated receptionists. That’s just part of the business for us!

You Are Just a Call Away From Maximising Your Rental Profits

You may want to ask about how we maximise your nightly rate? Just easy! Our Airbnb Management service leverages modern software that tracks the prices and graph of Airbnb bookings market within the nearby homes around your listing. This strategy helps our pricing optimisation using live data and lets us set custom prices against your direct competitors.


Why not give us a call NOW on 0333-301-0787 or send an email to and start maximising your returns from your listing. All you have to do is introduce yourself and share details of your home, and we’ll take over from there.

3 Main Stages of Our Management Services

Our optimisation tactics, including Listing Creation, Listing Optimisation, and Price Optimization, are our behind the scene moves. Our team earnestly strives to ensure that your listing gets optimised to achieve its full potential. Having us manage your Airbnb listing guarantees returns of up to 40% more than the standard DIY management. And by continually tracking your nightly rates and conversions, we can know what needs an upgrade specifically.

Firstly, using our reliable custom software, we optimize your nightly rate and are regularly updating your calendar. Thereby synchronizing your nightly rates with the market trends. Meaning, when the supply is high, we set prices low.

Secondly, we optimize your listing for SEO. We put your listing on top rental sites like Airbnb and, thereby ensuring your listing gets seen by potential guests. Our Airbnb SEO tactics ensure that your listing shows up on page 1 or 2 of Google SERPs, thus keeping maximum occupancy. Get in touch with us for more.

We understand that guest communication plays a significant role in the overall guest experience and so, make it one of our top values. As a host, how you communicate with your guests, support and care for them will influence the review, they leave after check-out. And because the short-term rental business is a review-based platform, you can’t afford to handle communication carelessly.

Our concierge services take care of everything so that you can focus less on the admin. We go the extra mile to make happy guests. From contacting them after they make an inquiry to when they finally check-in, and even contact them to know if they got prompt services.

That said, with our standard guest vetting protocol, we ensure that only reputable guests stay in your property to meet your needs.

At Pass The Property, we provide prompt services to all maintenance issues to ensure your home remains in pristine conditions. Thereby making your guests feel comfortable with their stay. We fix everything from plumbing and electrical problems – courtesy of our experienced and reliable team of contractors.

Our Airbnb Cleaning team always review the condition of your property while maintaining all in-house issues.

One of the perks of hiring us is that we will continuously send monthly reports, informing you of any potential arising issue. This concept is part of our 100% TRANSPARENT service.


Why not give us a call NOW on 0333-301-0787 or send an email to and start maximizing your returns with our Serviced Accommodation Management Services.

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