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Mentorship Program

The UK’s Number 1 SA experts Mentorship

Mentorship Program

We cover the complete A-Z of Serviced Accommodation, this will also cover Pass The Properties Unique Luxury SA model.

This mentorship program involves personal mentoring from the Pass The Property team, including Harminder and Parminder, who are successful property investors and directors of Pass The Property. They have achieved remarkable success, amassed a £5 million property portfolio and controlling over £500 million of property through their management company, all before the age of 32 and 30, respectively. As we take on only 12 mentees the mentorship is very intimate and there’s plenty of time to ask as many questions as possible.

  1. We are the UK’s leading luxury serviced accommodation management company, currently overseeing nearly 300 units and expanding.
  2. We own and operate 20 highly cash-flowing Rent2SA units.
  3. We own 25 Buy2SA units and have successfully completed a profitable development project with 5 flats.
  4. Our Buy2SA units generate approximately £20-30k per month during peak seasons, demonstrating exceptional performance.
  5. We actively acquire and onboard new units, staying ahead of market trends.
  6. We provide comprehensive step-by-step mentoring, covering the area, due diligence, and complete unit setup.

The mentorship fee is only £5,000, divided into three performance-based payments! The only mentorship of its kind.

  1. First instalment: £3,000 (to secure your place)
  3. Second payment: £1,000 (performance-related and due within 7 days of securing your first unit)
  4. Final payment: £1,000 (due after 90 days of your unit being live and generating income)
  6. £0 after unit 1 and full on support and guidance available

Here are the details of our mentorship program:

We are delighted to guide you in generating passive income from properties that you don’t even have to buy! The Mentorship Launch day will cover the following key topics:

  1. Identifying the most profitable locations across the UK (don’t worry we give you them all on the day)
  2. Identifying the right type of profitable properties
  3. Comprehensive deal analysis techniques to efficiently evaluate opportunities – a realistic 12 month
  4. Property viewings and securing strategies, including tips for dealing with agents
  6. Establishing successful relationships with agents and landlords and HOW TO SECURE without paying sourcer
  8. Property setup and associated costs
  9. Leveraging social media for effective marketing
  10. Strategies for adapting to the COVID-19 situation and the recent cost of living crisis
  12. Maximising income potential, with an average profit of £1,500 per month per unit
  14. Insights on Buy2SA properties, including advice from our expert mortgage broker

Interested in signing up? Contact us below

During the mentorship launch day, you will receive the following documents:

  1. Exclusive Mentorship Booklet
  2. Deal analyser template
  3. Full property checklist template
  4. Example follow-up email to agents

After the launch day, the mentorship will continue with ongoing support. You will have direct contact with Harminder, Parminder, our in-house manager Aneta, and our experienced deal sourcing experts Raj and Ethan. Together, they have collectively sourced 100 profitable R2SA properties.

As you progress through the mentorship, you will gain access to:

  1. High-end furniture suppliers
  2. Decorators
  3. Cleaners
  4. Discounted management fees starting from 10%+VAT– The Market Average is 15%-18%+VAT
  5. In-house mortgage broker
  6. Website creator
  7. The country’s top interior designer, who personally designs our properties – this is very exclusive to Mentees only
  8. Discounted sourced deals via Raj and Ethan with priority access

What Our Mentees Think

Jonathan Dee

I certainly don’t consider myself to be a seasoned expert in the field of Serviced Accommodation, neither do I consider myself a total novice. I’ve had good quality SA training in the past, and my partner and I have a fully functioning rent to SA unit set up and ticking away nicely. Having got started in the world of SA, after sourcing our first unit, we intentionally took some time to analyse and reflect on our unit’s performance before looking to expand. We began to ask questions about differentiation, local market stability and profitability, all of which seemed somewhat complicated to answer. How do we make our business stand out among the hundreds of others operating in our area, and how do we avoid competing on cost and the inevitable race to the bottom? My previous training had taught me that quality was the key. But how do I sufficiently demonstrate quality to a potential customer through the pictures and limited descriptions on an OTA site? I just couldn’t find the right answers, or what felt was close to the right answers, with the training and experience that I had. I simply couldn’t see how competitors, or community piers were managing to build such successful business. All the excitement about being able to “sack the boss” and find my financial freedom were beginning to blur quietly into the background. I was put in contact with Harminder from Pass the Property through the Progressive Property VIP community. I was told that these guys know what they are doing and should be able to help. I spoke to Harminder for almost an hour that Saturday morning. I was initially filled with the usual scepticism – another quick way to lose a bit more of my hard earned cash, what could these guys possibly know that I haven’t already heard – I’m sure that every reader will know how this feels? However, maybe a minute into the call I’m listening to a guy that I’ve never met before, who is based in leeds, explaining to me in detail about my local SA market on the south coast. I listened as Harminder chatted away about all the questions I was facing, without a single prompt. This was interesting. Did I have the cash required to secure my place at the table to learn what Pass the Property had to teach – not really. Was all my initial scepticism now completely gone – probably not. But had I heard enough to take the risk – yes. And I am very glad that I grabbed the opportunity – utterly thankful for being put in-touch with the rent to SA experts, and I am so glad that I decided to take the risk. All my previous questions answered with what can only be described as rent to SA paint by numbers. Unsure of what a goldmine area for SA looks like – all doubt now removed, clear demonstration of what it looks like including detailed numbers. Not just what a goldmine area should look like, but this is what it actually looks like. Unsure whether I’m using the right approach when talking to letting agents or landlords – all doubt now removed, this is how its done. I left the training session both excited and keen to try out what I had been told – follow the steps and see whether this works. Eight days later, I had a deal in principle. 11 days later, deal done on a fantastic property in a fantastic and high yielding, goldmine location. And, as if this isn’t already good enough, this unit was sourced through a fantastic agent, who initially told me they wouldn’t entertain a corporate let due to bad experiences in the past. I’ve had help, been supported and encouraged through every day since I walked into the Pass the Property training. This right here is what it’s all about – money well spent. It has been a pleasure to have the opportunity to learn from and to work with the guys from Pass the Property. The depth of knowledge and ability to cut through the noise really is fantastic. I truly believe that I could have walked in to my training day as a complete novice and, following the paint by numbers approach, yielded the same results. I fully recommend Pass the Property’s training to anyone who is looking to turbo-charge their success in rent to SA. There are many people pushing training in the market today, of course I cannot comment as to how they may compare to the training that I received from Pass the Property, but I can say that anyone looking to get started, or looking to really drive serious margins into their rent to SA business should have a serious talk to these guys. I’ve had all the help I could possibly ask for, all on tap. Any questions answered, all problems resolved. You will not be disappointed.


Big shout out to Pass The Property Luxury SA. Recently joined their mentorship programme and they really helped guide me on how to set up my luxury SA. So far I have 5.5K of bookings for July and August and August isn’t even fully booked yet! They were constantly guiding and advising me from avoiding SA pitfalls and they have helped me secure a fantastic unit within 3 weeks of mentorship which I am currently setting up! They genuinely care about you succeeding which is always nice! Very interested to see how this one goes. But with pass the property I know we are in good hands! Guidance and around the clock help I have to admit is so useful… these guys don’t sleep!👌 I will send over my progress in this group and let you know how I get on and getting some luxury bookings!!!! P.S. 🙏 having a good management company in place can manage your unit and make you money whilst on holidays like Jamaica 🇯🇲 😂 🙏


I’m more than happy with the approach that Pass the Property has on passing their knowledge and taking care of their mentees. Even with what I’ve already known when signing for the training it still had a lot of value and helped me with focusing on my goal and the approach I’ve taken to get there. In only couple of weeks from the initial training I’ve been able to find and secure more deals then ever

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