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UK Staycation Boom Set to Continue Into 2021

New research from building society, The Cumberland, has revealed that the majority of British holidaymakers (83%) would prefer to holiday here in the UK rather than travel abroad this year, with 68% citing fears of being stranded abroad and uncertainty around COVID-19 (62%) as their primary motivation for a British staycation.

COVID-19 is already changing the travel industry, with safety, privacy, and self-isolation at the forefront of everyone’s minds. With the uncertainty of the virus, the fall in holidays abroad has presented a surge in UK staycation.

British businesses, including hotels and pubs, were only permitted to open last year July. However, the fickle UK weather worsened hopes of an immediate boom, leading some travellers to cancel their trips for the year.

With the threat of several countries joining the list, British holidaymakers would instead remain in the country than risk having to risk their lives.

A Bright Future For Staycations

Interestingly, while the restrictions limit international travel, many holidaymakers are planning a UK holiday in 2021. About 71% say that the British staycation is a long-term solution to the current pandemic. And this is a major boost for the hospitality sector.

While the hotel accommodation takes the lead, the short-let accommodation homes are the next popular choice for travellers in Britain.

2021 and beyond

As the world slowly returns to normal, we are optimistic travel will look better than during the pre-pandemic. Although no one knows the exact thing to expect, we might not be able to travel as we’d love freely.

Spain was the favourite destination before the COVID-19 hit, with a third of UK holidaymakers acknowledged cancelling their travel plans and opting for a British staycation instead. Meanwhile, 16% opted for a stay in Scotland and Cornwall, and about 15% choose Lake District and Wales (each)

The travel industry has responded with the skill to cater to the growing holiday demand’s needs. Pass The Property is excited to support our Airbnb guests in delivering the best home-away-from-home experience possible.

This time is an opportunity to innovate and embrace technology more than ever, along with the lіkеlіhооd of trаvеllеrѕ bеіng wіllіng tо рау mоrе tо reduce thеіr COVID-19 еxроѕurе.

In a post-pandemic world, guests will better appreciate the need to travel to destinations that embrace COVID-19 practices. Tour operators will need to introduce remote locations or pump niches such as biking tours, where travellers are lеѕѕ lіkеlу to come into contact wіth others.

Thus, embracing the principles of sustainable tourism and practising social distancing travel policies are even essential. Promoting safe health measures is not only suitable for travellers but also for the environment. Subsequently, with these practices in place, the staycation industry will soon return to normal.

In the future, how the initial outbreak was handed is an assurance to travellers that they will be safe while on vacation or business trips. While it is still uncertain when the world will travel freely, several people have already made travel plans.

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