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8 Top Staycation Trends for 2021

It is no longer news that many 2020 vacations were cancelled because of the outbreak of Covid19. In fact, the tourist industry recorded a massive drop in revenue that would take a while to recover. In response to these shifts in schedules, staycations are the new big thing. In 2021, vacations are bound to follow the trend of 2020 lockdown by using local staycations for a holiday getaway.

Due to this development, staycations management is imbibing new trends to make visitors have a fab time. So, whether there is a lockdown or not, several policies and features have been put in place for Brits and UK locales to enjoy staycations to the fullest. Out of the many trends, these eight listed below are topping the list and will surely make 2021 a great year for staycations.

  1. Adaptation to a sudden change of plans

Nothing is truly certain as the spread of this global disease is claiming lives daily. This reality has brought about an adaptation to both short-let accommodation agencies and tour guides.  This is one trend that is bound to take root in 2021 as staycations understand the crisis managed.

  1. Availability of late bookings

If there wasn’t an opportunity for late bookings before now, the oscillations that are ongoing in the world have just made it available. No one knows how vacations will be in the new year as the schedules can change at any time. This noticeable effect will adjust such rules in staycation destinations as they need to accommodate Brits moving according to what their company is laying down.

  1. Health safety will be prioritized

No jokes, this trend is not negotiable. This is because every visitor is sourcing for places that they can count on to maintain hygiene that rebels against COVID. If they don’t see that certainty, they might cancel with Airbnb and not make it down there at all.

  1. New features will be fixed

Different cities come with unique regulations that need to be adhered to even by staycation outlets. So, when a city doesn’t want tourists or locales moving around, the booked accommodation has to house them more than usual which could be a little more costly. With such regulations, staycations will surely set up efficient features that will allow visitors to enjoy a home away from home experience.

  1. Services that support overall wholeness will emerge

This will become a routine more than a trend among short-let accommodations because both visitors and workers need good health. More than ever before, staycation will not just be fun outdoors but will be confined to the walls. With impressive health awareness and fitness classes in place, staycation will have only one word to describe it: memorable.

  1. Allowance to refunding bookings money

As earlier mentioned, it is impossible to predict how the year will unfold with different uncertainties from the pandemic. Hence, hotel management and other staycations are sure to follow the trend of accepting the changes and giving room for reimbursements in case of another total lockdown.

  1. More profitable bookings will be maintained

Whether there is a lockdown or not, many people are still looking for less congested relaxation outlets to wind up after some time. Since many Brits are already signing out of travelling for a few years, it simply means enough room will be available for other promising visitors. These people wouldn’t mind paying more, especially when the health precautions are not compromised. So, it becomes a win-win trend for staycation and guests.

  1. Indoor food services will be predominant

Your guest might have been subjected to stay indoors but not restrained from ordering food from local food stores. The food tour they can’t do outside can be done through your accommodation services. No doubt, they will love it.


So, here you go, the top 8 trends you will find in almost all staycations this summer. Get ready to enjoy your holiday in a unique way possible. Happy vacation!

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