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Top 5 Places to Visit in Leamington Spa

Leamington Spa is an exquisite town in the middle of South Warwickshire, UK. Highly fashionable with tree-lined squares & beautiful gardens with Georgian and Victorian architecture. This area has something for everyone.

Now a tourism complex, the Royal Pump Rooms are is home to the Art Gallery, Library, the town’s Museum, and Tourist Information. Across the building of the Royal Pump are the Jephson Gardens, which are ideal for a stroll in the evening. Worth mentioning are the Grade II gardens which include a sensory garden, a renovated boathouse, and a children’s play area.

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  1. St John’s House Museum

St John’s House, a Jacobean mansion in Warwick, has a history of over 900 years. This location used to be a site for a hospital in the 12th century. Currently, it serves as a private residence, a school, and admin offices of the War Department. Currently, however, it serves as a museum since 1960.

There’s no access to the ground floor, except when the local school needs the place for activities and learning sessions. It houses galleries, including a Victorian kitchen, toys & games, and a learning space.

Also, there are beautiful gardens where you can sit for relaxation.

On the first floor of the building, there’s the Royal Warwickshire Regiment of Fusiliers Museum, displaying historical elements such as weapons and uniforms of the military. Put in mind that there’s no lift to the first floor. So, prepare yourself for a bit of exercise.


  1. The Royal Leamington Spa Art Gallery and Museum

Recognized as the most beautiful bathhouse in Leamington, the Royal Leamington Spa now houses an art gallery, library, museum, and more. A notable addition to the Royal Pump Rooms, it surely deserves all its credit and recognition. Entry is free and your time here will be worthwhile. There’s a gallery guide that shows you the history of the town from ancient times till the present.

Keep your children busy with the packs of interactive sessions at the art gallery, especially during a break from school. So, if you are worried about engaging your kids, the art gallery has got you covered!

Be sure to check the events calendar before you go as it is updated regularly.

  1. The Midland Air Museum

If you are a lover of Aircraft, you’ll be very pleased with what the Midland Air Museum has to offer. From a Sea Harrier to a World War II Vulcan, it packs over 50 aircraft and 20 aero engines in there.

That’s not all, you will also see a section exclusively dedicated to Sir Frank Whittle – for the development of the Jet. Be sure to give yourself enough time!

  1. Compton Verney Art Gallery

Cоmрtоn Vеrnеу іѕ an award-winning аrt gallery lосаtеd іn a bеаutіful Grаdе I lіѕtеd mansion. It is used as an experimental testing location for smoke screen camouflage by the World War II army. After much renovation when the army left, it was transformed into a lovely gallery for the public.

It houses historical elements, including the Chinese bronzes, Neopolitan era, and portraits of Henry VIII  and Elizabeth I. Whеn уоu’vе had уоur fill оf art, mаkе уоur wау оutѕіdе for a guіdеd tоur оf thе lоvіnglу rеѕtоrеd grоundѕ, which is part of thе admission pricing.


  1. The British Motor Museum

For lovers of automobiles, the British Motor Museum is a great destination. A celebration of British automotive construction& design where you’ll find displays such as icons of British design, history of car making in England as well as interesting exhibits. Most of these are practical scenes designed to teach visitors the science behind how a car moves from the inside out.

There’s never a dulling moment here! What’s more, is access to live displays of the largest collection of ancient British cars in the universe. Doesn’t even matter if you’re a car freak or not, I bet you’ll love it here.


Leamington Spa truly has something for everyone! You don’t want to miss it

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