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Why Bristol is a fantastic place to set your Airbnb?

Airbnb’s Impact on the Hospitality Industry

Over the years, short-term business is becoming a great source of extra income to homeowners. With more affordable apartments for travellers, Airbnb came and changed the game – and probably upset the hotel industry.

Renting out spare rooms has surely positively influenced the travel industry – thanks to Airbnb. And as a result, hosts benefit greatly from the surge in accommodation demands which ultimately increases their revenue.

With guests choosing to stay in Airbnb apartments, the rivalry between hotels and Airbnb is increasing every year.

“Consumers don’t always pay a lower price. What changes is the quality of the listings,” says Farronato, co-author of a study on Airbnb market share. “You might find a Fifth Avenue apartment or a place by the beach at a more reasonable price than you would if Airbnb wasn’t an option. Or a listing might have additional amenities, like a kitchen. And if you still prefer a hotel room, competition from Airbnb means you’ll pay a lower price for it.”

Perhaps most of all though, the personalized kitchen space makes guests even prefer Airbnb to traditional hotels.

But what additional features make Bristol city a fantastic place to set your Airbnb?


Which features make Airbnb Management in Bristol worthwhile?

One city, unlimited possibilities.

Economically, culturally, and in terms of education, Bristol is the largest city in Southwest England. Historically, the city’s major attraction was linked to seaports, and more lately, electronic & aerospace media creation.

Apart from the fact that Bristol is a promising destination, it’s essential to identify solid factors that can contribute to your income.

Keep in mind that your income will depend on the type of your property, and if you’re letting the entire home or some rooms.

In addition to top amenities, the following are reasons Airbnb Management in Bristol is a fantastic choice to make:

#2 Bristol Harbourside

Used to be a location for many warehouses, the Bristol Harbourside is now home to galleries, exhibitions, museums, and the Bristol Aquarium. There is a museum around the area dedicated to the history of the city from the old times till date – the M Shed. Practically, you can see locomotives just outside the M Shed as well as the Fairbairn Steam Crane, the oldest surviving of its type in Britain.

Enjoy a Ferry Boat tour with Bristol’s ferry boat crews. Must-visit attractions in the Harbourside also include At-Bristol science centre and Bristol Aquarium.

#3 Brunel’s SS Great Britain

The SS Great Britain is the first iron-hulled passenger ship in the universe that shares the same port with the 1843 great vessel. Located at Bristol’s Great Western Dock, the ship will forever be recognized as one of the works of famed engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel.

Guests love it here as they can explore the ship’s decks and look into the cabins of First Class passengers. Also, the attraction houses the Brunel Institute and the David MacGregor Library.

#4 Bristol Museum and Art Gallery

One of the best museums in the city of Bristol, the Bristol Museum and Art Gallery is a massive building that houses wildlife, dinosaurs, pottery, Egyptian mummies, and a collection of Old Masters.

Not to mention the gallery at the balcony and a collection of art, including Italian Masters and the Old Dutch. Also, the Georgian House Museum, which opens seasonally, reflects the story of an 18th-century merchant and a slaveholder through his properties.


So, if you own a home and need a professional Airbnb Management team in the Bristol area to help manage and handle your investment, feel free to reach out to us.

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