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Pass The Property’s Guide to Traveling for Work

Many people find traveling for work is tiring distress – whether it’s dealing with time differences, cost in terms of time and expenditure, inferior hotels, and work. While traveling for work can be this frustrating, truth is, it was meant to be a worthwhile experience. How then is this possible? Grab a cup of coffee and read on!

Attitude is everything and keeping a positive attitude is the first step to having stress-free travel experience.

With the innovation of new technology, booking apps, and travel habits, business travel has evolved to meet the needs and interests of many travelers today. Additionally, travel industries, like Airbnb, have also aide booking experience and productivity while traveling.

Well, here are our top 5 tips to serve as your guide when traveling for work:

Firstly, Endeavour to Follow Your Company’s Travel Policies

Company travel policies are there for you. A travel policy usually contains detailed information on communication policy, company credit card use policy, and more.

“A fit-for-purpose travel policy can change traveler behavior through greater understanding, leading to a more efficient booking and decision-making process,” said Adam Knights, Managing Director, the Atip Group.

Specifically, travel policies help you understand the travel behavior of your company. Furthermore, it’s important that you learn about your company travel policy such as fees and expenses that will be reimbursed by your company. Otherwise, you may be funding some expenses you never prepared for eventually.

Book Ahead, Don’t Delay

Booking in advance makes you “book well.” You’ll definitely have plenty of time to budget for travel costs and with a “peace of mind.”

Flights booked within three days of departure are 47% more expensive booked over two weeks in advance,” said Ruch. “The U.S. Department of Transportation regulations stipulate that all domestic flights are refundable for 24 hours after purchase.” (

In 2014, recommended that domestic airline flights in the United States or Canada should be booked 47days ahead of the departure date to achieve the best savings option. They suggested a number of days – three to four months if possible for international travel.

Don’t Forget to Network

You remember the adage “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know?”. That’s absolutely right!

Really, airports have always been a great place to network – not as weird as people say. And of course, the way you’re dressed will matter a lot. It’s not possible to be dressed like you were going to a party and expect to network with “businessmen”. Well, this sometimes happens but truth is, you tend to attract your kind – the same as you were dressed. However, don’t be a chatty passenger.

Remember these quick tips to help you network and stay on top the game like a pro:

  • Be authentic – the first rule to effective networking.
  • Be Prepared, Be Interested, leave an Impression: always have your business card within your reach, and do make an effort to meet new people. Plus, endeavor to leave a good impression.
  • Lastly, DON’T take up too much time.

Booking the Right Hotel is Key!

Leveraging travel industries such as can help you make the right choice of hotel or an Airbnb listing. Well, for people who get uneasy in the formal space of a hotel, we recommend booking an Airbnb listing for a “home feeling” treat.

Leverage Online Booking Tools and Plan Ahead

Whether you run a boutique creative agency or perhaps you’re a sales director – whatever you do that requires you travel the world, online booking tools will be useful to you. Make use of them often and plan ahead of time.


Concluding Remarks
Now that you’ve heard from the gurus, your next business travel really should be far less irritating, extra dynamic, and perhaps even a lot more exciting. We’ll leave you with a final piece of tip: always prepare for the worst, and don’t lose your receipts.

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