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How to Make Your Property Green and Eco Friendly?

There are lots of tourists desirous of booking a unit that is green and eco friendly in their eyes. These are the growing number of people who feel disappointed with the kind of accommodations available to them on AirBnB. These eco friendly people are not looking for ultimate comforts of a 5 star hotel. All they want is a property that shows genuine concern for the environment and makes them feel happy with its sustainable features. You don’t need to have your property amid mountain cliffs or by the seaside to give this feeling to your guests. You can turn your property in Coventry into an AirBnB unit that is green and eco friendly by taking these simple but effective steps.


Go green and reduce your carbon footprint

One of the best ways to attract eco friendly travelers is to develop your property in such a way that it becomes clean and green. It should also be using least amount of conventional energy to have very little carbon footprint. Provide different colored bins to your guests to throw different categories of waste into suitable baskets for recycling. They will also appreciate if you give them a composting bin to throw in their food waste. Guests produce lots of waste during their stay in your property. In the absence of different bins and clear cut instructions, they usually throw everything in a single bin. You need to wake up from your slumber and realize that people are becoming conscious of global warming and the bad effects of pollution.


Use LED lights

LED light bulbs are considered very environment friendly. They also reduce consumption of electricity. LED bulbs produce white light and they help in cutting down on energy expenses related to air conditioning. They are much better choice for your AirBnB property if you want to move in a green and eco friendly direction. Guests will feel good with these lights as they know their utility bill would not be high. It is possible to illuminate all areas of your property using low wattage LED bulbs.


Provide food containers

One of the accessories that most guests search for are containers to store their food items. They feel happy and satisfied when they find that you have provided several plastic and food containers for them. These containers help them in keeping their food items fresh for a longer time. Guests know they can store their leftover food items they bring from the market inside these containers. Containers may be trivial items but they are overlooked by many landlords, thereby creating problems for eco friendly guests conscious about wastage.


Provide shopping bags made of canvas

Most guests forget to bring along lightweight shopping bags during their short stay in Coventry. Though they do not expect bags from you, you can make them feel happy by providing complimentary canvas shopping bags. These bags are a way of showing your love for the environment. You can buy bags that have the name of Coventry printed on them or any conic image of the city on them. You can also handover these bags as a welcome gift to your guests. Disposable canvas bags will cost you peanuts but they go a long way in telling your guests how much you care for them and also the environment.


Put some time and effort into landscaping

One of the best ways to catch the attention of eco friendly guests to your AirBnB property is to improve the curb appeal. Although it requires time and effort on your part, the results are stunning. Maintaining a lawn full of greenery, pruned shrubs, and flowering plants creates a very good impression on tourists searching for accommodation during their stay in Coventry. The photos of your property attached with your listing on AirBnB are enough to convey the message about your property being green and eco friendly to your potential guests. It is not surprising to see properties with proper landscaping getting more bookings on AirBnB than other properties.


You can attract more eco friendly travelers to your home in Coventry by adding more greenery to your property. Guests are looking for units where they can relax and spend some time in the company of nature rather than being locked inside air conditioned rooms. You can get creative ideas for achieving eco friendly look for your property by going through images and articles on the internet written by short term letting experts. An accommodation unit full of greenery and flowering plants is preferred by guests who are looking for green and eco friendly place for their stay in the city. Have a description in your listing that emphasizes this point to your guests. A little extra effort on your part can make your AirBnB property in Coventry more popular among the tourists.

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