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Give your Guest Personalised Services at Affordable Prices

Times have changed and so have the expectations of tourists staying in AirBnB accommodations in the country. It is no longer a question of a nice and comfortable stay in a city, as guests have become more demanding.

To make your AirBnB property in Birmingham stand out from the rest, you need to provide personalised services to your guest. Though it seems difficult and tiring, it can be easily achieved with the help of Pass the Property. We are a company that is making short term letting simpler and easier for landlords across U.K.

There was a time not so long ago when the numbers of listings with AirBnB in a place was very small. This meant tourists had few choices if they did not want to stay in a hotel. But today, short term letting has become a very lucrative business.

Realising how much more they can earn from this business, more and more landlords are switching to this mode of real estate investment. However, as competition intensifies, these landlords are realizing they need to offer something worthwhile and extra to the tourists to secure a high number of bookings. This is where the concept of personalized services kicks in.

The trick lies in understanding and fulfilling customer expectations

The major difference between any AirBnb listing and one that gains popularity among the tourists in cities across U.K these days is not that of products or features available inside the property. It is the experience that the landlord is able to provide to his guests.

It may appear to be a small thing to an outsider but when you are the landlord you know the hard work associated with providing this customer experience in a consistent manner.

Of course, it is too much for any ordinary landlord to be able to provide personalized services to his guests arriving to live in his property for short duration.

Unbeatable experience in short-term letting industry

Pass the Property is a professional company providing fully serviced accommodation solutions to landlords involved with short term letting industry. It is in no way associated with AirBnB but knows the secrets of maximising rental yield for the owners of AirBnB properties in various cities across the country.

At a time when government regulations and increasing competition have made it difficult for landlords to earn a good income, clients of Pass The Property are enjoying high occupancy rates and very attractive rental income from their properties. A crucial role in the success of the company is played by highly personalized services that it is able to provide to the guests.

All imaginable services at most affordable prices

From cleaning to laundry and from arranging essential household items to the interiors, there is so much to do to provide a complete customer experience to your guests as a landlord. Imagine a guest making food in your kitchen and not finding a mixer or the bowls to serve them to his loved ones. It can be tough for anyone even if he is involved with this short-term letting business on a full-time basis.

It becomes even more difficult if you are doing a 9 to 5 office job. But when you hire the services of Pass the Property, you become free from all such worries. Imagine living in your home far away from your property listed with AirBnB and still being able to look after the needs of your guests. This is what Pass The Property is doing for its clients who are able to enjoy a high level of popularity among tourists because of these services.

Become free from all worries

By paying just 14%+ VAT to Pass the Property, you can expect wonderful personalized services for your AirBnB property in Birmingham. Forget creating a description for your unit for AirBnB listing or clicking pictures of the interiors to capture the attention of tourists.

Pass the Property will do it all for you once you choose the company as your partner in the management of your unit. It will also manage the keys to your property in a very careful and systematic manner to make sure that your unit remains safe and your guests never experience any difficulty with keys.

You will always have a neat and clean property that is well maintained in all respects to keep your guests happy and satisfied.

Providing personalised services to your guests coming to live in your property for a few days is not difficult. It only takes a professional company to look after the needs of your guests.

Personalizing the experiences of your guests is the only way you can get an edge over other landlords in your area. In today’s technology-driven world, guests are becoming more demanding. Hire the services of a specialist to stay two steps ahead of your competitors.

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