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Our typical service offers your property out to business people over the week days, and during the weekend, to tourists enjoying the vibrant life of the city.

Tell us about your property and prepare to increase your yield!

Why Short-Let in Nottingham?

Are you looking to increase the yield from your Nottingham properties? Do you want a 14%+VAT fixed fee nationwide?

Are you struggling to find long-term renters for your property while it sits vacant? Or do you just want to increase the amount of money you make from your property?

You might have problems with finding people to occupy your property, and even when you do, how do you know that they will be good tenants? Maybe they are driving you crazy with excuses for late rent payments?

Wouldn’t you like to rent to people who pay up-front, pay more than long-term renters, and will look after your home or apartment?

Why not leave it to Pass The Property, where we could maximise the yield from your property, provide all the cleaning and management services included in our price and we only take a 14% management fee.

Who Needs Property Rental in Nottingham?

The professional world is very much embedded in Nottingham, with companies such as Boots, E.ON Energy and Oxo having their headquarters or major branches present in the city, and as such many business people stay in the city on work trips every week.

The city boasts two fantastic universities, Nottingham Trent University, who won the University of the Year award 2017, and the University of Nottingham who are part of the Russell group, classing it as world leading. Academic scholars travel from across the globe to these universities, and thus need places to stay as do parents visiting their children in Nottingham universities.

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Why Do People Visit Nottingham?

The county of Nottinghamshire is rich with heritage, with sites of interest such as Wollaton Hall, and Newstead Abbey. The forest of Sherwood with its history associated to Robin Hood rests close by and annually attracts over £1.8 billion of revenue from visitors each year to the area.

Many technological advancements were formulated in Nottingham, such as the cloning of the Bramley apple tree (of which twelve of the new trees are in the University of Nottingham grounds), the drug Ibuprofen developed by Boots, and the technique of MRI scanning.

Why Short-Let in Nottingham?

Get Started Today In 3 Easy Steps

Get a free quote, then book a call to discuss your earning potential. It's that simple - zero hassles!


Book A Call

It all starts with a phone call. One of our dedicated UK on-boarding managers will discuss our approach to renting. And if you're happy with everything, we'll come to your property and prepare it for listing.


Prepare Your Property

Next step is to take professional photos of your property and get it listed on top rental platforms so as to maximise your returns on investment.


Start Earning

The final step is to list your property and start receiving income ££. Our Property managers are ever ready to partner with you to work out the best plan for you.

Nottingham is an up-and-coming city in the Midlands and is planning to make its bid for the European Capital of Culture 2023, making it an ideal time for Pass The Property to help manage your property.

To be part of this property revolution and to find out how you can improve your property yield, contact Pass The Property.

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