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Why Do People Love to Stay in Airbnb Serviced Accommodations?

If you are fond of travelling to new places, you must be aware of the shared economy concept of AirBnB. It allows you to enjoy nice and comfortable short term stays in properties of others at prices that are much lower than what you can expect to pay for hotel rooms. With passage of time and increasing competition among landlords, a new concept of serviced accommodations has slowly evolved in AirBnB. In fact, this new concept has become so popular that landlords not adopting it are slowly but surely lagging behind in this industry of short term letting. Your clients love it and you will also love the concept.


Hotel Like Services at Lower Prices

Necessity is the mother of invention they say, and this is exactly what has prompted many landlords in the direction of serviced accommodations. With so many options in front of him, an average AirBnB guest has come to demand a higher level of amenities and services for landlords. He loves to book properties where he is getting these personalized services and amenities even if he must pay higher charges. These tourists are demanding hotel like personalized services and they are getting them from landlords in many places. Do you imagine yourself as a landlord who can provide, and afford full serviced accommodation to your guests?


Earn More From The Same Property

As a landlord, it is an alluring concept for you as you can expect to get higher rental yield form your serviced accommodation. But whereas you were providing just a clean room with furniture items to your guests earlier, you are now expected to arrange many other services for your guests.

This may seem daunting to you, but it is very much possible with the help of a professional serviced accommodation specialist. Pass The Property is a company that has carved a niche for itself as a high quality serviced accommodation specialist operating nationwide.

Why not enjoy a premium for the same AirBnB property if all you have to do is to provide a rich customer experience to your guests. There is no need to worry how you will make all the arrangement for a full service accommodation for your guests. This is because you have the full support and service from the leaders in short term letting industry.


Enjoy Premium Quality Services From The Leader

By paying a fixed 14% plus VAT fee, you can now enjoy a wide range of services from Pass The Property. In fact, the company makes you earn more from your AirBnB listing through its services so that it pays for itself and there is no burden upon your shoulders.

It is a highly profitable proposition for you as a landlord. On the one hand your property is professionally managed and attracts high number of guests and on the other hand you start to receive a much higher rental yield.

This is the power of full serviced accommodation. From a warm welcome to the cutlery, and from essential household items to furniture items, Pass The Property makes sure that your guests do not face any kind of problems during their stay in your property.



You Will Love To Provide Personalised Services To Your Guests

Imagine your guests getting laundry service, personalized food service, and much, much more during their stay in your property. It enhances the customer experience and takes it to an altogether whole new level for your guests.

What is more, guests can enjoy premium personalized service at prices that are much less than what they have to pay if they book a hotel room. If you are a landlord of an AirBnB property in Ipswich, you can hope to get a much higher rental yield for it by just providing personalized services to your guests.

Don’t worry, you need not look for different service providers and procure all the products to satisfy your guests. Everything can be arranged by one company called Pass The Property. In lieu of their services, they charge a fee of 14% plus VAT from you.

But you need not fear paying this company out of your own wallet. 30 property experts of the company work hard to make your property earn more. This means you can pay from your profit and also hope to earn more form the same property.


No matter in which city of England your property is situated, Pass The Property can look after your AirBnB listing. The company has a nationwide presence with a team of 30 dedicated property experts in its team.

Make your fully serviced accommodation a star attraction for guests with the help of Pass The Property today. Get more bookings for your property in Ipswich and also get great reviews for personalized service from them. This is the magic of full service accommodation by Pass The Property.


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