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How To Prepare Your Properties For COVID-19

How To Prepare Your Properties For COVID-19

Here are four tips to prepare your properties for COVID-19 from a professional Airbnb Management company.

It’s no longer news that the coronavirus pandemic has altered our way of life. Due to the closeness of units and the use of open spaces, COVID-19 has particularly affected those who live in rental accommodation.

It has also influenced how property owners and real estate investors must approach their business. Other than placing priority on home maintenance, they must now focus on keeping guests and staff safe. Moreover, keeping the apartment generally clean.

Serious property owners already do an excellent job of upgrading their facilities. In this period, however, it will require extra effort and time, even more than before

Here are four ways to prepare your rental safe during the COVID-19 outbreak:

4 Tips on How to Level Up Your Listings

Tip 1: Maximize multiple channels for more visibility

It’s no longer news that the pandemic has affected every sector of economic planning. Businesses, Individuals, and travellers alike are forced to abort their vacations; therefore, homeowners experience a sheer decrease in demand.

As an Airbnb host or real estate investor, it’s time to go beyond the usual strategies. At this point, you should focus more on opening your business to more partners and maximizing multiple channels. Important to note also that a sense of cohesion and togetherness is key during this pandemic period. Hence, PassTheProperty suggests you list your properties across several platforms.

When planning to list your property across several channels, however, don’t forget to check their pricing plan. During this time, you should cut your fixed costs as far as possible. Therefore, switch to platforms that offer commissionrather than fixed pricing system – upon success!

Tip 2: Offer a flexible cancellation policy

One of the things this pandemic has opened our eyes to see is that anything can happen at any time. As a result, many travellers are wavering before booking a holiday, let accommodation.

So, while your goal is to protect your property as much as you can, think about your guests too. From providing top-notch customer experience to maximizing multiple channels for more visibility, safeguarding your home is key. However, it makes sense to put yourself in their shoes when you’re reviewing your cancellation policy.

If you offer a strict cancellation policy, it might make more sense this period to switch to a more flexible term. Besides, a more flexible cancellation policy, at no cost, puts your listings ahead of your competitors!

Tip 3: Encourage proper hygiene and cleaning practices

Although there should be a decent cleanliness measure in your rentals, as a result of COVID-19, those measures should not be taken lightly. Keeping the entire clean and protecting your guests and staff from the virus is imperative to your business.

To do this efficiently, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using disposable cleaning items like toilet tissue rather than absorbent fabrics. Also, make hand sanitizers readily available at open spaces like the reception or as part of the home essentials.

  • Provide hand sanitizer in high traffic areas.
  • Routinely check surfaces and increase overall cleaning around the apartment

Tip 4: Gather up-to-date information from health officials

While this is an individual watch, make it a priority to gather the most trusted information possible during this pandemic. That said, you should watch out for only authorized sources from federal officials like Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and WHO guidelines.

  • Follow all safety measures provided by government officials


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