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Airbnb Management Devon Management Leicester

Your Hassle-free Airbnb earning potential begins with just a call-in

Pass The Property is a team of seasoned rental property managers providing everything from listing & price optimization to timely guest support and 5-star hotel-like housekeeping & maintenance. Our goal is to help you maximize your earning potential and have guaranteed returns on investment with our hassle-free serviced accommodation management. Not just that, we also strive to make sure your listings generate outstanding guests’ reviews. We proudly serve the areas of Devon and its surrounding areas, including Margate, Canterbury, and Blackpool.

Focus less on the management while we take care of your business like it’s ours. As hospitality experts, we know your requirements as well as the needs of guests and so, we create a world-class management experience. We assure you of complete hands-off letting experience with optimized occupancy. Your #1 local serviced accommodation management provider today via 0333-301-0787. Alternatively, send an email to get started.

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Our Devon Management Services

Your hassle-free experience with us begins with these three easy steps:


Contact us to share the relevant information about your property. Afterward, we’ll offer you with the Airbnb service package that suits your requirements and provide a detailed estimate of your potential earnings. Of course, this will be after we examined your home to see if it needs any improvements to design

We design a premium listing on top short-term rental sites, including Airbnb, VRBO, and Expedia to optimize your property for SEO and to increase its occupancy rates. In addition to managing your Airbnb calendar, we are very responsive to guests’ inquiries, handle guest vetting, and ensure only the best check-in your property.
By leveraging our industry knowledge and experience, we offer a top-notch cottage to let management. Sit back and let us handle everything related to guests’ experience. We offer unrivaled management services, including a 24/7 guest communication & support to accessible key exchange and professional laundry/cleaning services.

How Lucrative is the Leicester Serviced Accommodation Management Industry?

Get a free quote, then book a call to discuss your earning potential. It's that simple - zero hassles!

With over 5 years of industry experience and proven record, we offer a fully flexible and affordable Serviced Accommodation Management in Devon and its surrounding areas. In addition to listing your property on world-best rental platforms with Airbnb Professional Photographs – although not limited to these, we proudly offer the following services: TRANSPARENT MANAGEMENT Monthly report to keep you on track with every development on your property, including repairs, rates of check-in, and more. PROFESSIONAL KEY MANAGEMENT As experts, we know that key exchange can be the most daunting part of the short-term letting business. Leveraging best-in-industry key management systems such as the KeyNest, we save you the hassle of key management.

AIRBNB CONCIERGE SERVICE 24/7 We provide prompt feedback to guest inquiries and needs during simple day-to-day hours and even the odd hours’ requests. 5-STAR LAUNDRY SERVICE Leveraging our laundry team who have been trained to hotel standards, we keep your property in great care and 100% ready before the next check-in. AIRBNB GUEST MANAGEMENT & GUEST EXPERIENCE AIRBNB PROPERTY MAINTENANCE Your Hassle-free Airbnb earning potential begins with just a call-in Contact your #1 local serviced accommodation management Devon provider today on 0333-301-0787. Alternatively, send an email to get started. Let’s do it for you!

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