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Airbnb Management Cambridge

Pass The Property, the preferred property management agency for your Cambridge property.

Airbnb Management Cambridge Management Cambridge

Are you looking to increase returns on your Cambridge property? Struggling to get your listing visible to potential guests? Or you just probably can’t deal with guests’ management? We are happy to help. Reach out to an expert today!

Leverage the financial benefits of Airbnb listing without hassle. Our team of expert Airbnb managers in Cambridge will take care of everything – from marketing to delivering a top-notch laundry service.

We provide Airbnb management services for property owners right across Cambridge, unlocking the benefits of short-term letting without any hassle!

Our goal is really simple – to help property owners turn their investment into a profitable source of income. Get in touch with your professional, local serviced accommodation management in Cambridge today on 0333-301-0787. Alternatively, reach out to us via an email

Financial benefits of Airbnb listing without any hassle possible with us


Why use PassTheProperty for Airbnb Management Cambridge?

  • Guaranteed maximised return from your Cambridge property
  • Effortless Renting
  • Fully flexible
  • Fully Transparent Management – we provide a monthly report to keep you updated with every development on your listing.

Overview of our Cambridge Airbnb Management Services

PassTheProperty is a full-service property management company; we will be your home’s new best friend too. Here’s how it works:

Listing Creation and Price Optimisation

With an in-depth knowledge of the market, our team of seasoned pricing analysts assists with a full price optimization which will ensure that your tenancy and profit rates are fully optimized.

Professional Photography

We understand pictures are naturally more creative and attractive to human sight. Hence, we deliver professional photography of your property and then prepare a marketable listing description, plus calendar management.

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Thorough Guest Screening

We keep our guest screening activities at the top game because we prioritize the safety of your property. We pay attention to details such as criminal background records and the financial history of guests before they check-in. This helps to ensure that only reputable and “qualified” guests will be staying in your home.

Guest Communications

Everyone loves to be honored and recognized, and so do your guests. From the very first meetup to responsive on-site support – we will ensure that your guests have the best of their experience. This will keep them coming, improve the word-of-mouth referrals, and ultimately, increase the yield on your property.

In-Person Meet and Greet Key Exchange

With a smiling face and a professional gesture, we will welcome every guest in-person upon their arrival and provide a fully responsive support service to make sure they get the best rental experience.

Plus, a Professional Cleaning and Laundry services

How Profitable is Airbnb in Cambridge?

Cambridge is one of the most profitable cities in the world to be on Airbnb hosts, and the trend is fast increasing.

A report by Airbnb UK Insight showed that hosts with the property listed on Airbnb in the East of England welcomed 344,000 guests annually, which generated £31 million in additional income for local households.

And by default, when you list your property on Airbnb, you become one who enjoys such financial benefits too.

For instance, a landlord in the Cambridge area who collects $1,800 per month in rent may be able to charge $180 per night on Airbnb. And say for 10 nights, he would have made about $1800, and thereby break even by the end of the month as compared with the monthly rent rate. That’s good stuff!

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Let Us Do It for You

With over 10 years of expertise and knowledge of Airbnb accommodation management, we remain reputable and unrivaled!

Are you ready to have an expert Airbnb manager handle your Cambridge property? Please get in touch with your local serviced accommodation management in Cambridge today on 0333-301-0787. Alternatively, reach out to us via an email

Commonly asked Questions for Airbnb Management in Cambridge

PTP provides Airbnb management Cambridge services for property owners and investors. Our services include complete listing management & price optimisation, professional cleaning & laundry, key management, professional high-res photography, and property maintenance.

Bringing industry experience of over 15 years, PTP help you streamline the whole steps of renting your Airbnb investment. To ensure maximum occupancy rate, we list your property on top rental platforms.

The expert at PassThe Property ensures that your investment property is market-ready, to reduce your average waiting time. Also, our pricing optimisation service guarantees that your property is priced at competitive rates so that you don’t list above the average market price or below it.

Performing a thorough background check on prospective guests is important when renting out your property. As part of our Airbnb management Cambridge services, we conduct a credit and criminal history check, as well as verify their employment status, income, and rental history. This help us identify any discrepancies, false information, previous evictions, or history of late payments, and make an informed decision about whether to accept them as guests.

Nearly 80% of maintenance requests are managed by our in-house crew, except for larger projects.

Pass The Property offers Airbnb management services for properties in Cambridge, with fees averaging around 14% of the booking value. Our pricing strategies take into account service fees and ensure your property is well-maintained and always booked. Contact us today for customised solutions.

Our process is not complicated at all. We guide you right from your first contact with us till we come access your property, and then finally, listing on top rental platforms. How better can it be?

Based on the latest housing market analysis, the short-term rental industry is going to experience remarkable growth in the next decade. This is great news for homeowners investing in Airbnb short-term rentals in Cambridge, as they are expected to be highly profitable in the UK market. So, if you are thinking of investing in the rental property business in Cambridge, now could be an excellent time to do so!

No. There are no hidden fees when you choose PTP as your property management firm. We price everything upfront on our visit and so have an agreement on what you’re to pay.

Our listing and pricing optimisation service helps us to set rental rates even cheaper than our competitors – after a general market survey.

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