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Why Short-Let in Manchester?

White bed with red pillows and mirrored drawers in Manchester

Are you looking to increase the yield from your Manchester properties? Do you want a 14%+VAT fixed fee nationwide?

Are you struggling to find long-term renters for your property while it sits vacant? Or do you just want to increase the amount of money you make from your property?

You might have problems with finding people to occupy your property, and even when you do, how do you know that they will be good tenants? Maybe they are driving you crazy with excuses for late rent payments?

Wouldn’t you like to rent to people who pay up-front, pay more than long-term renters, and will look after your home or apartment?

Why not leave it to Pass The Property, where we could maximise the yield from your property, provide all the cleaning and management services included in our price and we only take a 14% management fee.

Our typical service offers your property out to business people over the week days, and during the weekend, to tourists enjoying the vibrant life of the city.

Tell us about your property and prepare to increase your yield!

Who Needs Property Rental in Manchester?

Manchester is the UK’s second-most influential city, as is home to Man United and Man city, which brings in football fans from across the country, and even the world. Manchester has three universities which brings a massive amount of scholars, and family and friends of students to the area.

The city is a massive Northern hub, and is home to such big companies as BBC Sport, which brings in businesses from all over the globe, proving huge traffic from corporate events and business trips 365 days a year.

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Why Host with Pass the Property?

Pass The Property has been designed to increase your rental yield by using our Flexible serviced accommodation management services.

Why Do People Visit Manchester?

Manchester is a booming northern city and benefits from having fantastic shops, restaurants and globally supported sporting events. Manchester is bursting with history, from famous musicians to artists. There is the Christmas market every year, and it has an airport which makes visiting easier. Manchester has a massive industrial history and attractions to go with it, giving a huge variety of reasons for people to visit.

Manchester is a Northern Powerhouse which is ever-growing, making it an ideal time for Pass The Property to help manage your property. 

To be part of this property revolution and to find out how you can improve your property yield, contact Pass The Property.

Why Short-Let in Manchester?
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