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Why Offer Serviced Accommodation In Salford

Why Offer Serviced Accommodation In Salford

Do you want to increase the rental yield from your Salford property?

Do you want a 14%+VAT fixed fee nationwide?

Are you struggling to find long-term renters for your property while it sits vacant? Or do you just want to increase the amount of money you make from your property?

You might have problems with finding people to occupy your property, and even when you do, how do you know that they will be good tenants? Maybe they are driving you crazy with excuses for late rent payments?

Wouldn’t you like to rent to people who pay up-front, pay more than long-term renters, and will look after your home or apartment?

Why not leave it to Pass The Property, where we could maximise the yield from your property, provide all the cleaning and management services included in our price and we only take a 14% management fee.

Our typical service offers your property out to business people over the weekdays, and during the weekend, to tourists enjoying the vibrant life of the city.

Tell us about your property and prepare for your increased rental yield!

Who Needs Property Rental In Salford?

Salford is a well-known location for academic and business talent in the UK. Home to the iconic Media City UK, which is the home of the BBC, the city finds itself buzzing with businessmen travelling for business opportunities, meetings and corporate events in Salford.

There are excellent transport links throughout the city, which provides easier access for travelling to Manchester. This attracts many football fans to Salford as Premier League team Manchester United have their ground Old Trafford approximately 300 meters away from Salford Quays.

Additionally, with the easy access to Manchester, Salford is the perfect solution for families and friends visiting students from the three Manchester universities; University of Manchester, University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University.

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You Are Just a Call Away From Maximising Your Rental Profits

Why Do People Visit Salford?

As one of the world’s first industrial cities, Salford has may sights for tourists. Some key tourist opportunities in Salford include the Imperial War Museum, The Museum of Science and Industry and the Salford Cathedral.

However, one of the key factors that encourages visitors to Salford is its easy access to Manchester. The closeness to Manchester allows for visitors to take trips into the city for more tourist experiences and sights.

Salford is an incredible cultural and historical location, making now the ideal time for Pass The Property to help manage your property and share the identity with the world.

To be part of this property revolution and to find out how you can improve your property yield, contact Pass The Property.

Commonly asked Question for Airbnb Management in London

Recent reports from Airbnb News reveal that hosts in the UK can earn over £6,000 per month on average. As inflation and cost of living continue to rise, many UK hosts rely on their Airbnb income. Offering a home on Airbnb is a popular way to supplement or earn a full-time income.

There are loads of Airbnb in the capital city of London. Many find it easier when linking up with an Airbnb Management company such as Pass The Property.

A professional Airbnb management London service may include bookings management, listing optimisations, taking professional property photographs, and top-notch guest communication.

This is quite easy and achievable. The top things you need to do are exceeding guests' expectations, being responsive, and setting a good price for stays. However, your best bet is to work directly with a Airbnb property management company as we know all the latest tools and techniques.

Pass The Property have been in the rental industry for over a decade and is well respected. We handle your property like it’s ours, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

As an Airbnb management London company, Pass The Property covers all aspects of property letting from start to finish. We can ensure that your bookings are tracked & recorded, your property is advertised on several platforms, and that we manage all guests communication.

What do you do that makes you stand out from your competition? What does Airbnb management include? What is included in your property management fees? How do you handle check in at the property? Who cleans my property?

Mostly between 30-50% of rental profits.

When a guest first walks into the property, they will immediately notice how clean the space is and how fresh it smells. These details matter to guests which is why at Pass The Property, they matter to us. We have teams of Professional Cleaners, both local and nationwide, to ensure that your property is cleaned to the highest standards.

With Pass The Property, you can be rest assured that your property will get maximum exposure across the top rental platforms available to guarantee maximum Occupancy rates possible.

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