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What is Serviced Accommodation and Airbnb?

AirBnB is a shared economy concept that has revolutionized the short-term rental industry all over the world. AirBnB is a company like Uber that makes it possible for tourists to enjoy hotel like accommodation and services in any part of the world. It is a win-win situation for both the tourists as well as owners as they receive high rental yields through short term stays. In a very short period of time, AirBnB has grown to become a $24 billion company. There are more than 640000 hosts worldwide while the number of users of these accommodations has crossed 50 million. This is how big AirBnB has become in just a few years. If you do not know yet, the acronym AirBnB stands for Air bed and breakfast which means it makes available accommodation along with bed and breakfast.


Earn many times more from your property as a landlord

If you have a decent accommodation unit in Oxford or Birmingham, you can benefit with this concept of shared economy. You can list your property with AirBnB and expect higher rental income through short term letting. If you can provide hotel like amenities and services to your guests, you can expect to earn more than average monthly rent from guests staying in your property for just 2-3 days. This high rental yield through short term letting has led to a situation where many landlords are now reluctant to give their properties on long term lease to permanent tenants. This has given rise to shortage of accommodation for tenants and even the government has woken up to place many curbs and regulations on short term letting industry.


Give your guest that something extra they are demanding

With passage of time and increased competition, landlords have had to find ways to catch the attention of the tourists to their listings. Tourists now demand a richer customer experience. They are not satisfied with nice decor and the amenities provided by the landlord. If you own a property in Coventry and find the numbers of bookings dipping in the last few months, it is high time you gave a thought to full serviced accommodation. Of course, it is going to be difficult for you if your property lies in any other city or if you are also involved with a job or business. This is where the skills and the experience of Pass The Property comes into picture.


Full serviced accommodations are the first choice of tourists

The concept of serviced accommodation has evolved in recent times. It is revolutionizing short term letting industry. In the sense that it makes available a rich customer experience to guests staying in a property for a short term. Serviced apartment includes not just laundry and food but many other types of services that a guest can imagine only in a good quality hotel. One feature of these serviced accommodations is that they are inclusive of utility bills. This means that guests know they are paying for all the utilities. Landlord is also happy as he knows that he is getting the full value for all the amenities and services that he is providing to his guests.


Making it easy for the landlords

As a landlord, it is not easy to provide high quality services and all amenities to your guests when you have listed the accommodation unit on AirBnB. Such a full-service apartment promises higher rental yields. One company that can help you in this regard is Pass The Property. It is a company that has been designed to make short term letting simpler and easier for landlords. No matter where you have your property, the company will promise to provide full serviced accommodation to your guests arriving through AirBnB. The company has tons of experience in providing full serviced accommodations and it makes sure that its clients are able to earn more money from their properties. This experience comes handy for the clients as they can breathe easy, knowing that their guests are getting personalized experiences in their properties.


Take the next step to make your property more popular

This is only the tip of the proverbial iceberg as Pass The Property will take over all your worries associated with short term letting. In exchange for a small fee that is 14% Plus VAT; you can sit back and relax as Pass The Property manages your listing with AirBnB. With an aggressive and flexible pricing strategy, it will ensure a very high occupancy for your property. With higher number of bookings, you can hope to earn more. In fact, Pass The Property makes sure that you don’t have to pay its fees out of your own wallet. You found it easy to list your property on AirBnB. Now find it even easier to provide full serviced accommodation to your guests with the help of Pass The Property.

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