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Things To Do In Vauxhall, London

Vauxhall is assuredly one of the regions to stay in the part of the Metropolitan City of Lambeth in Southern London. It is bounded by Lambeth to the North, Stockwell to the South, Thames to the West and Kensington City to the East. After the opening of the Westminster’s Bridge, millions of people began to visit Vauxhall very often. Hence, the Vauxhall Pleasure Gardens equally became a center of attraction.

Furthermore, this has contributed to the development of Vauxhall and the gay practice in the village. Lately, railway lines that have been introduced, and the Waterloo during the Victorian period have additionally made Vauxhall to be considered as an inner-city region.

Why Stay In Vauxhall?

There are a lot of factors that one may need to consider when deciding on whether residing in Vauxhall is worthwhile or not. Here’s our guide to some important factors to consider:


There are a lot of ex-authority apartments in tall apartment buildings in Vauxhall. Some terraced cottages can also be found in some urban region in the streets. With the effect of the modern world, a lot of new commercial properties are also being constructed in Vauxhall, and of course, plenty more will be seen with time.

As compared with other nearby areas (Kensington, Westminster, etc.), the average cost of housing in Vauxhall can be said to be on the middle scale. Apartments in Pimlico and Westminster are way too high when compared with that in Vauxhall. Similarly, the average price in Kensington and Stockwell are a bit lower.

From the statistics in 2017, a 2-bedroom apartment has an average cost of £2,080 per month.



There are quite a numerous number of budget-friendly, neighboring restaurants in Vauxhall. A few of them with their locations are:

  1. The Canton Arms:located on 177 South Lambeth Road, London. The Canton Arms is a local restaurant in the neighborhood of Vauxhall. It has a very comfortable environment and a British menu that attracts most people to its location.
  2. The Brunswick House:located on Brunswick House, 30 Wandsworth Road, London.
  • Dirty Burger:The items on its menu are cheese burger, dirty bacon, dirty cop-out, and some extras (crinkle cut fries, onion fries, and drinks such as beers & cider, etc.). Dirty Burger is located on Arch. 54, 6 S. Lambert Road, London.
  1. Casa Madeira: this restaurant is actually be a perfect one for the Portuguese who reside in Vauxhall. Casa Madeira has the finest authentic Portuguese cuisine in and around Vauxhall. Some local Portuguese items on the menu are alentejo pork, grilled sardines (with pizza and pasta), pastel de nata pasteries (a dessert).

Its address is 46A Albert Embankment, Lambeth, London.

Amazing Things To Do In Vauxhall

  1. Vauxhall City Farm

As a teen or an adult, you can actually get the rural life experience from feeding animals; playing with some if you won’t be scared of them, etc. It may be a small place (city farm) but you’re sure to have so much fun for the day. Entrance to the Vauxhall City Farm is totally free.

2. Floatworks

This group was founded for the health, fitness and general wellbeing benefits of the community people (customers). It creates Yoga and mind meditation for the relaxation of people for a healthier lifestyle. Address is Saint George Wharf London, SW8 2LE.

3. Vauxhall Park

Vauxhall Park is located between Vauxhall and Stockwell. It is a medium-sized Victorian Park with lots of activities mainly for the kids. Although, many of their facilities are free to use, you may need to make bookings beforehand. The park has won the Green Flag Award from the Government for the last 7 years in a row.


Some other things one may do in Vauxhall are:

  1. One of London’s finest galleries – the Tate Britain
  2. Climbing Centre in Vauxhall
  3. Royal Vauxhall Tavern – a perfect center of gay culture in the community


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