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Serviced Accommodation Management

The host management services you deserve

Increase your rental yield with Pass The Property.

If you’ve been thinking about using property management services for your Airbnb properties through such companies as Airsorted and GuestReady, then why not try Pass The Property for a more catered experience?

We can offer:

  • Cleaning
  • Professional Photography
  • Account Recording
  • Lower Management Charges
  • Nationwide Coverage

Perks of Choosing Pass The Property

Being a landlord in short term letting industry, it is your desire to increase your rental yield. But you do not want to face all the hard work and the stress that comes along with rental income. You have heard about the success stories of AirBnB landlords making wonderful income from their properties across U.K. You have also heard about property management companies like Airsorted and Guest Ready who are helping landlords in earning a higher rental yield from their AirBnB properties.

Pass The Property’s main focus, after making you money, is customer service. We try twice as hard as our competitors to double your rental income and give you the host management services you deserve.

            Let Pass The Property Do It For You

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Benefits of Serviced Accommodation Management Companies

Pass The Property is the leading serviced accommodation specialist that can take all your worries and help you in earning a much higher rental yield. It is a professional property management company that has been designed to make hosting simple and easy for landlords involved with short term letting industry. We are operating nationwide with the help of a talented team of more than 30 property experts. No matter where your AirBnB property is, we will manage it in the most professional manner. This is a big benefit that is not available with other companies like Lavanda and Hello Guest. By paying just 14% of the rental yield + VAT, you can forget all your worries as a landlord and enjoy a much higher rental yield from your AirBnB property.

We understand you have a job or a business to attend to and have very little time to devote to your short-term letting business. The main reason why has set up our professional service is to make life easier for landlords like you. We have the experts and the skills to take care of your property and your guests. We know how to keep your AirBnB property nice, clean, and comfortable for your guests. We can keep your guests happy and longing to return for another short stay. Our services are designed to make your AirBnB listing popular so that you enjoy a high rental yield form your property. Unlike Hostmaker or Guest Ready, we will never bother you while taking care of your AirBnB property.

With passage of time, the popularity of short-term letting industry has grown manifold. More and more travelers today prefer to find comfortable accommodation where they can enjoy privacy and also get all modern amenities. Realizing big profits through short term letting, large numbers of landlords have jumped on to the bandwagon. Guests have become more demanding and they are now not content with mere good location and comfortable stay. This is where Pass The Property comes into picture. We are serviced accommodation specialists who take pride in providing personalized customer experience to your guests. We make sure that your guests love the experience of their short stay in your property. Get ready to enjoy a high rating for your AirBnB listing and a higher rental yield from your property. Pass The Property ranks consistently higher than other property management companies like Pass the Keys and Airsorted on this count.

Pass The Property has become the preferred choice of hundreds of AirBnB property owners across the nation in a short span of time. The reason lies in our ability to maximize the rental yield for the property owners. But this is only the proverbial tip of the ice berg. We make possible hassle-free hosting with flexibility that is loved by our clients. But what makes us the most loved property management company in short term letting industry is the high-quality service e provide to guests to make their stay in your property comfortable and memorable. It is no wonder then that the properties looked after by Pass The Property enjoy a very high rating by guests on AirBnB listing. We have overtaken established players like Hostmaker and Airsorted in temrs of number of clients across the nation in a short span of time.

You own an AirBnB property in Oxford or Ipswich but live far away from it. You find it difficult to manage the affairs of the property not only because of distance but also because of a busy time schedule. Not being able to devote time and energy to your property is costing you heavily as tourists are booking properties of your competitors. Well, it is time to say goodbye to all your worries about your AirBnB property as Pass The Property is ready to shoulder all your responsibilities.

Not for nothing is Pass The Property the most loved property management company in short term letting industry. We pay attention to the minutest of details to make sure your property becomes the most popular AirBnB property in Oxford. We work hard to see that your property gets highest number of bookings to maximize your rental yield. Let us see what are the tasks you find difficult to manage as a landlord and how Pass The Property does them to make you relaxed and stress free. We are miles ahead of our competitors in this regard

One of the biggest headaches of a landlord is always to keep his property neat and clean. This becomes more tedious after the departure of a guest so that the property is readied for the welcome of a new guest. Don’t worry as Pass The Property keeps your property sparkling clean with a cleaning schedule that does not interfere with the comfort and privacy of your guests. We make sure that your property is so clean that your guests fall in love with it. In addition to cleaning of property, we also take care of laundry of your linens and towels. For a sparkling clean property, you can trust only Pass The Porperty.

Pass The Property realizes the importance of a sound and peaceful sleep for your guests. They come dead tired and wish to retire soon after the formalities are completed. We arrange sturdy beds and soft and comfortable mattresses for your guests so that they can fall asleep without any disturbance. In addition to heavy curtains, we also have blinds in windows to create darkness if your guests need a sleep during day time. For guests who are troubled by outside noises and cannot fall asleep, we provide disposable ear buds to cut down all kinds of outside sounds. In short, we try to make your property a sleep haven for tired guests. Sleep thirsty travelers find your property great for rest and sleep and they spread the word around, brining more bookings for the property.

Many landlords believe in having a fixed price for their AirBnB property thinking it is the best policy to attract guests. But having years of experience in short term letting industry, we know that tourists wish to take advantage of off season when they can live in same properties at reduced tariff. This is the reason why keep pricing dynamic and offer discounts during off season to secure more bookings for your property. Why remain adamant on a fixed price when your competitors are giving away discounts to get bookings in lean season? Don’t worry, we have the sole objective of maximizing your rental yield and we achieve it through dynamic pricing. We adjust pricing according to market demand. This ensures high occupancy for your AirBnB property even during lean tourist season.


Pass the Property is aware of the trend short term letting industry is going through. More and more tourists are today looking for eco friendly properties for their short-term stays. We welcome guests by giving them canvas and paper handbags to make it easier for them to shop around in the city. We know that plastic bags are harmful for the environment and these handbags made of cloth and canvas create the desired impression on your guests. We also use LED bulbs in all the rooms that are more energy efficient and give out a cool white light. Guests are also relaxed as they know their electricity bill during their stay will not be too high. Another way of reminding guests how much we care for the environment is by placing green and blue dustbins in the kitchen for throwing dry and wet waste. No other full serviced accommodation provider can match our efforts to make units ecofriendly.

Marketing is the most crucial aspect in short term letting industry. Pass the Property has mastered the art of marketing by highlighting the positive features of your property in the description used in the AirBnB listing. We arouse curiosity in the minds of audiences through our description, but we make sure that we do not raise false expectations that are not fulfilled during the stay in your property. We also hire services of professional real estate photographer to click alluring photos of the interiors and exteriors and use these photos to catch the attention of the tourists looking for an accommodation in Oxford. Through our digital marketing efforts, we can get high number of bookings for your AirBnB property. Our innovative marketing techniques are admired even by our competitors like Airsorted and Guest Ready.

With more and more landlords joining shot term letting industry in the hope of higher rental yields, tourists are becoming choosy and demanding more from them. They are expecting improved customers experience and booking properties where they get full serviced accommodation. Pass the Property has tons of experience in short term letting industry and provides your guests the kind of personalized experience that they get in high quality hotels.

Many landlords pay scant attention to landscaping, ignoring the importance of beautiful exteriors. This costs them heavily in terms of low popularity in AirBnB listing. Pass The Property undertakes to beautify your property from the outside by doing landscaping. This includes pruning the shrubs and removing dead leaves form your lawn, cleaning of driveway, and planting of flowering plants in pots. We make every effort to make your property look beautiful as your guest approach it from the main street.

Are you missing the trick by not doing anything to make the interiors warm and inviting? Pass The Property has tons of experience in short term letting industry. We know what the kind of interiors guests are are looking for. We have tied up with a furniture supplier to fulfill the requirements of all kinds of furniture items in the properties of our clients. We can change everything from sofa sets and beds to coffee tables to make the interiors of your property warm and inviting for your guests. We have experienced designers who can transform the interiors of a property to make it allure for guests. From the furniture to the furnishings and from color palette of the rooms to the appliances, Pass the Property has the expertise to turn any property highly desirable for short term stays.

One of the reasons why some AirBnB hosts start receiving poor reviews from their guests is because of shortage of one or the other thing felt by the guests. We make sure that your kitchen is fully equipped, and it contains all cutlery items, including plates, bowls, and spoons. We keep a close watch on the inventory and arrange all broken and missing articles to make sure guests do not face any inconvenience. You will never be bothered in the middle of the night by a guest complaining about lack of any household item when Pass The Property is in charge of your property. You can relax and breathe easy as we are there to arrange all necessary household items in your property for your guests.

Start A Relationship Based Upon Trust And Mutual Benefit

In addition to promising more money to our clients, we also offer higher flexibility to them. You are the owner of the home and so it is your right to decide when the property shall be available for bookings. Leave the rest upon Pass The Property and enjoy rental checks and complete record of guests and their stays in your property. We not only manage accounts but also look after the upkeep and maintenance of your property. We are miles ahead of our competitors when it comes to keeping the client in the loop.

If you have an AirBnB property anywhere in U.K, give its management to Pass The Property. You will be pleasantly surprised to see that your rental income goes up significantly and your property enjoys a very high rating on AirBnB listing.

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