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Our typical service offers your property out to business people over the week days, and during the weekend, to tourists enjoying the vibrant life of the city.

Tell us about your property and prepare to increase your yield!

Why Offer Serviced Accommodation In Birmingham?

Are you looking to increase the yield from your Birmingham properties? Do you want a 14%+VAT fixed fee nationwide?

Are you struggling to find long-term renters for your property while it sits vacant? Or do you just want to increase the amount of money you make from your property?

You might have problems with finding people to occupy your property, and even when you do, how do you know that they will be good tenants? Maybe they are driving you crazy with excuses for late rent payments?

Wouldn’t you like to rent to people who pay up-front, pay more than long-term renters, and will look after your home or apartment?

Why not leave it to Pass The Property, where we could maximise the yield from your property, provide all the cleaning and management services included in our price and we only take a 14% management fee.

Who Needs Property Rental In Birmingham?

Birmingham is the second largest populated city in the UK, following London and the most populated city in the midlands. The city draws in many visitors requiring accommodation due to the large number of events it provides, such as over 50 festivals and 850 events at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) and International Convention Centre (ICC).

Birmingham accommodates to many students due to the four universities situated in the city – Aston University, Birmingham City University, Birmingham University and Newman University. With four universities, there are high levels of traffic from parents and families visiting the students in the city as well as friends travelling to stay overnight.

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Why Do People Visit Birmingham?

Sport is incredibly important to the city of Birmingham, which was the first city to be awarded the National City of Sport title by the Sports Council. The city has also been selected to host the 2022 Commonwealth Games, drawing many tourists into the city.

Additionally, the Birmingham Hippodrome is the busiest and most popular theatre in the UK with over 520,000 visitors every year.

Birmingham is a very busy and popular location, making now the ideal time for Pass The Property to help manage your property and share the identity with the world.

To be part of this property revolution and to find out how you can improve your property yield, contact Pass The Property

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