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How to Ensure Your Airbnb Guests Enjoy the Best Sleep Possible

The numbers of tourists booking AirBnB properties for their short stay in Oxford is increasing with each passing year. Of course, these tourists look for a nice and comfortable stay. A sound sleep is an integral part of customer experience that guests expect when booking your AirBnB property. You are working hard to make available all amenities to your guest. But they will not leave happy and satisfied if they are not able to get a good night’s sleep in your property. Here are some easy ways of making your AirBnB property a slumber haven for your guests.


Choose the best quality mattress

Travel can be stressful for most tourists. It can hamper with a good night’s sleep because of feeling of tiredness and exhaustion. Don’t make the mistake of giving a cheap quality foam mattress for the beds to your guests in the hope of making more profit from their stay in your property. By choosing a good quality mattress for your guests, you can make sure that they enjoy a good night’s sleep when staying in your property. There is no need to overspend but your mattress should provide good support and there should not be any springs creating unnecessary upward pressure. The frame of the bed should be stable so that it does not make noises when guests turn during their sleep. It is better to replace the bed as soon as you notice it making squeaky noises because of movement of your guests while they are sleeping. Do not forget to try and get some rest on the bed and mattress that you are going to provide to your guests as you will get firsthand experience of the kind of sleep they will get.


Place cotton bedding and linens on the bed

Most guests want cotton bedding to rest upon when they come back after exploring the area. Cotton is a fabric that is natural and doesn’t cause any type of allergy to the skin of a human being. Also, being breathable, cotton keeps the guest feeling fresh after a night’s sleep. It is a good idea to feel the sheets before buying them from the market. You an easily tell the difference between cotton and polyester by touching with your hands. There is nothing better than cotton when it comes to the fabric of the sheets even if you are getting more beautiful and glamorous looking sheets in the market. If the weather is cold, do not forget to offer a choice between duvets and blankets to your guests. Some prefer duvets while others find comfort under blankets.


Give comfortable pillows

Pillows are wonderful sleep companions. They are like teddy bears for some guests who feel safe and secure when resting their heads over them while sleeping. Some like them soft and fluffy while others prefer flat pillows. Make sure you have a collection of different types of pillows to place just the kind of pillows your guests want for a good night’s sleep. You can offer cotton, feather, and foam choices in pillows to your guests. No matter which pillows you give to your guests, make sure that their covers are made of cotton and they are properly washed and dried.


Always keep a few pairs of earplugs

Is your home located very close to the main street where there is heavy traffic during the day? If yes, then you can be reasonably sure of complaints of noises form your guests. There are some guests who cannot get sound sleep until they have cut down on all kinds of noises coming from the background.

Whatever may be the case, you need to make sure that your guests can take complete rest without any disturbance when they are back after taking a tour of the city. Buy a few new disposable earplugs and keep them ready to give to guests who are fussy about noises.

Also arrange thick curtains to block natural sunlight from entering the room so that your guests can get a sound sleep during day time. Check your doors and windows for any gaps and cracks that can allow passage of not just air but also sounds from outside. Caulking and stripping are two methods using which you can cut down drastically on outside noises.


Remember, a good night’s sleep for your guests in your house can make all the difference between ordinary and extraordinary business through AirBnB.

Why take chances when you can easily make your AirBnB property a slumber haven for your guests with the help of easy methods described above?

Also, please describe the kind of rest and sleep that your guests can expect when they book your property on AirBnB. Photos of the bedroom and other accessories in the bedroom will certainly make your potential guests curious about your property.

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