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How to Deal with Guests not Understanding English?

For some guests, is a mixed blessing for some guests. One of the joys but also a problem for some AirBnB guests is to host people coming from non-English-speaking countries. It can be a challenging task to communicate and interact with foreigners coming to stay in your Ipswich property. You get a chance to learn about different cultures and the kind of foods they eat. You also get to make new friends. This is a real benefit as a human being. You have a lot to learn by entertaining non English speaking guests in your AirBnB property.


What can possibly go wrong?

You might be thinking what the big deal is in entertaining guests arriving from a foreign country. But meeting of two cultures is not always very pleasant that you find out when you experience foul smells coming out from their rooms. Some foreigners can also cook animals or birds that you may find offensive. They may have rituals that prove to be disturbing for you. Some foreigners may be offended by things running around your house. It is manageable with tourists who at least understand some words of English but the situation becomes hopeless when they come from a Middle Eastern country, unable to speak or understand English. Trying to speak louder because your guests are not giving you the response you expect from them can only create an unpleasant situation. There are chances that your guests may feel offended and even walk out of your property.


Your smile makes everything clear

Welcoming guests who do not speak or understand a single word of English can be a very difficult job. These guests start making queries in their own language. They also demand things that you can’t understand. The best thing to do in such a situation is to have a broad smile on your face. Your smile can calm down the nerves of your guests and you will get time to solve their problems. A smile says a thousand words they say and it is absolutely right. Your guests are put at ease when they see a smile on your face. Your smile tells them that everything is okay and they feel relaxed inside your property. As an owner, you can always clarify about what they said or wanted later on once they have adjusted inside the property.


Take help from Google

In the absence of someone who can translate what your guests are saying, Google comes to your rescue. It is your best friend in explaining everything uttered by your guests. You can type what you want to tell in your gadget and translate in the language of your guests. You can also download apps that have sample phrases from different languages with audio clips to deal with a tricky situation. Google translate can help you when no one else understanding the language of your guests is around. Just open the app and take your smartphone close to the guest speaking in his native language. Google can easily translate his language into English. Remember that Google doesn’t like it whenever there is a long pause. So ask your guest to speak out loudly few sentences in one go. You will hear the translation in English from Google once it has heard your guest.


Your body movements and facial gestures say a lot

Try to remain calm and relaxed in front of barrage of questions thrown at you by your foreign guests. If you are mentally prepared, your body language will convey the kind of message you want to give to your guests. They can easily understand whether you are relaxed or tensed by looking at how you are moving your hands and looking irritated from your facial expressions. It is possible to make your guests feel welcome without speaking a single word. Many a times, language only proves to be a barrier rather than felicitator, especially when there are chances of being misunderstood.

You can prepare yourself before the arrival of your guests

This is a good ploy to deal with foreigners not knowing English. You know the booking date and time, so you can learn basic words in their language. Greeting them in their language will make them feel welcome. You can use learnt phrases while showing them the facilities in the house. You can also create signs on pieces of paper to flash the right one when you hear a word you understand. Do not forget to paste notes in their native language inside the bathroom and the kitchen to make them aware of your house rules.

Using these simple ways, you can make sure that your guests are at ease when coming to your AirBnB property. Their language will not create a problem if you stay calm and prepare in advance to welcome your guests.

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