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Guaranteed Rental Income

Are you worried about rental voids?
Are you becoming tired of being a landlord but don’t want to sell your property?
Do you want a totally hands-off approach but still want assured rental income?
Had enough of troubled tenants and serving eviction notices?

Well look no further. Pass The Property are now offering landlords across the country a unique opportunity to continue earning money from their properties without the troubles and obstacles of being a landlord.

Pass The Property are the UK’s first nationwide Serviced Accommodation Management Company. We pride ourselves on our personal approach and always aim to give the best customer service possible, as well as increasing your rental income. We want all parties to walk away with a deal that’s beneficial for all with our rent agreement.

How Does Guaranteed Rental Income Work?

If your property is suitable all parties enter an agreement from 1-5 years guaranteeing you a fixed rental income every month on the basis that Pass The Property can rent out your property with a strategy that works for all, this will be agreed together. Pass The Property may offer to freshen up your property to their required standards. Pass The Property will take care of the cosmetic upkeep of the property.

You will still be responsible for all major repairs such as the roof and boiler.

Why Choose Guaranteed Rental Income?

Firstly, we can give you guaranteed rental income every month without any rental voids. No more troubled tenants and serving section 21 eviction notices! No more expensive legal and recovery costs.

When your property becomes Serviced Accommodation, it is always well maintained. This is because we are doing short stays anywhere from 1 day- 4 weeks. After each stay our cleaning team goes in to clean the property and report any damages or maintenance issues. We will immediately have any issues fixed. Your property is always maintained and shown in its best light. Our improvement works may even increase the capital value of your property and definitely increase rental value.

How Do I Get Started?

Check your property against our criteria:

  • 0-2 miles max from any city centre or popular holiday destination or student location ✔
  • Owned either mortgage or outright ✔
  • You are the legal owner or have the permission to make decisions on how the property is used ✔

If you can answer yes to all 3 questions then its simple, contact us with some basic property details, Location, No of rooms and some photographs and Pass The Property will assess these. If we think its something that could work we will contact you.

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