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Airbnb Management in Kensington

Hassle-free, guaranteed investment returns for your listing.

Airbnb Management in Kensington
Serviced Accommodation Management in Kensington

Airbnb Rental Property Management, otherwise known as Short-term Property Management, is the operation, control, and oversight of an investment property on a short-term platform such as Airbnb (among other partners), on behalf of the property owner.


You Are Just a Call Away From Maximising Your Rental Profits

“A quick fact: a big part of successful real estate investing results from great property management, and there are many companies that offer this service such as PassTheProperty”.

Our Airbnb management service can deal with all your short-term lets and bookings. Let your property through Airbnb with Pass The Property and boost your rental income. We help property owners turn their investment into a profitable source of income by providing the following service pack:

Transparent end-to-end Airbnb management in Kensington to make your dreams come true, with at least 40% higher returns on your property.

Why Airbnb Management in Kensington With PTP?

Pass The Property gives you a monthly on every development such as monthly statements with your checks, and repair receipts.

We leverage Dynamic Pricing by modifying the nightly rate short-term listings, and utilizing dependable such as demand and supply, and how they affect the market of short-term lettings. Ultimately, this process helps us maximize the revenue of our property investors. At Pass The Property, we are confident in what we do – we deliver even beyond your goals.

We know that most property owners don’t have the opportunity to meet their guests in-person, let alone a key exchange. At Pass The Property, we help with such hassle. In addition to this, we provide answers to all guest questions and inquiries irrespective of the time

With over 5 years of Airbnb guest management experience in Kensington, we have managed and dealt with the difficulties that usually transient short-term lettings. From guest arrivals to departures, we manage how well your guests are taken care of. Plus, we provide a proper navigational guide on how to locate your home from the airport or their pickup location.

Our in-house guest management team aims to help guests in Kensington, and the neighboring areas, nonstop to guarantee they get excellent services.

We prioritise guests’ well-being and home security consistently as much as we properly screen and know about their criminal records before they check-in.

We render even more – helping you maximize your property’s value.

Ready to unlock these possibilities on your listing? Get in touch with us 0333-301-0787 today, let’s do it for you! Alternatively, send an email to

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