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Airbnb Management Bristol

Pass The Property can handle your Airbnb Management in Bristol with Ease

Property Management Bristol

Considering renting your home with a higher rental income without any hassles? Pass The Property is the perfect fit for you!

PTP is a leading property management team with a philosophy of providing an excellent customer experience. We aim to ease the overall rental processes and maximize the returns of your assets through professional management.

PassTheProperty is a leader in the short-let accommodation market. Choose us today, avoid the stress of managing your investment property. Let us take care of your listing while you enjoy the laid-back lifetime. Reach out to us for a FREE consultation on the potential outlook for your property.

You Are Just a Call Away From Maximising Your Rental Profits

Our Airbnb Management Services in Bristol

We go the extra mile in making your property stand out by handling the entire property management processes. Our team of dedicated professionals takes care of everything from managing bookings, guest communication, and screening. That’s not all – we even manage your reviews and make sure your property is in good condition.

We are not like other Airbnb and short-term rental companies. Here’s why:

Communication is everything! Our Airbnb management team is based in Bristol and report performance and statistics to you every month.

Our pricing algorithms guarantee the best nightly rate for your listings each day of the year.

Coupled with our excellent pricing strategy, we list your property on over 20 rental platforms, including Airbnb,, and TripAdvisor.

Our Airbnb management team is available around-the-clock to support your guests.

We handle all cleaning needs and inspection after every stay to ensure the next guests have their best experience ever. All linen is replaced after a guest checks out.

Our Airbnb Management Services in Bristol

Your income will increase with Pass The Property. Maximize your returns with zero hassles that usually accompanies property management

Benefits of Using Pass The Property

Partner with local hosting experts

At Pass The Property, we thrive to build a quality business partnership with our property owners. With us, you and your guests can expect maximum experience – thanks to our team of professional property managers. When you become our partner, we immediately assign a local Hosting Partner who will manage your property and your guests as required.

Transparent Analytics

Choosing Pass The Property offers you a fully transparent business with your property manager. Instead of providing only statements showing the performance and income of your home, we also give you a customizable online dashboard. This dashboard gives you detailed reports and a clear picture of how well your property is in the market.

With Pass The Property, you can login at your convenience and check average daily rates, earnings & conversions, booking history, ratings by guests, and more. You can trust our transparency all of the time!

Watch your property become a top Airbnb Listing

With a dedicated and reliable team of professional property managers, we consistently impress your guests on every stay. We keep a trend on the market and adopt the latest Airbnb trends that earn you a 5-star guest review with ease. With this steady stream of guest recommendations, you enjoy more visibility on Airbnb, as well as higher occupancy & profitability.

Contact Us TODAY! We Are Here To Help

Achieve greater returns on your property without all the hassle. Trust a team of professionals who offer flexibility as we manage your listing.

Commonly Asked Questions for Airbnb Management in Bristol

Pass The Property is a full-service property management company that caters to your specific needs. Our services include listing & price optimisation, professional cleaning & laundry, key management, high-res photography, and general property maintenance. Contact us today to get started.

Choosing a professional property management company such as Pass The Property can be effective. Bringing over 15 years of industry experience, we help you manage property investment to yield guaranteed monthly returns. All you have to do sit back whilst we do all the job for you. Ready to get started?

Yes, we are committed to checking in only qualified guests. This is by utilising a series of measures, including asking for their creit report, verify there are no criminal records or allegations, and verifying they have a good landlord-tenant relationship.

Yes, we are happy to help you. Although this process would involve a slightly different approach than managing a vacant home, the team at PTP have dealth with series of similar cases. Kindly get in touch!

Pass The Property currently manages anything from studio apartments, one-bed, two-bed and even up to four-bedroom properties.

Simply fill the form on our contact page with the helpful information and we will arrange a meeting with you. We come to your property and access it so you can know how much you can expect every month. And we will take it up from there!

Property management can be an everyday stressful activity. And you should hire an Airbnb management firm if the following are true: you have several properties in your portfolio, your time is limited, you probably don’t live nearby, or you don’t want the hassles that comes with managing a property.

To ensure you rent your property safely, our Airbnb management Bristol conducts a comprehensive background check on potential guests, including employment, income, rental, criminal, and credit history.

Whether you prefer to hear from us every time there’s a slight issue with a tenant or not, it’s totally up to you. Whatever you want, we can work with it.

Generally, Pass The Property charges about 14% off your monthly booking value. Please contact us if you have any questions.

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